Remote Instruction Resources

During this time of uncertainty the Alisal Educational Technology department remains committed to supporting all teachers in our school district, and all educators who visit this website in the practice of remote instruction. Since our school district uses Google for Education and Seesaw For Schools, many of the resources and tutorials here feature those tools, however, not all of them. You may feel free to use, borrow, and modify with attribution anything you find on this website.

We Serve The Alisal! Nosotros Servimos El Alisal!

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How to Navigate To the Remote Instruction Parent Academy

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Cómo navegar a la Academia de padres de instrucción remota

20 - 21 Year Opening Convocation

To open the school year our superintendent Jim Koenig, the members of the board, and the leaders of our certificated and classified unions each presented inspiring opening messages.

We were also blessed to have students who were alumni of the school district that have gone on to great successes come back and remind our teachers what we are working for with their life stories.

The Four Factors of Remote Instruction

Since we are all new to remote instruction, we leaned on Jody Green and Dr. Tim Green (CSUF) to establish a simple schema for our teachers start building their conceptual understanding of where to begin. Our teachers found it very helpful and we are leaning on this to guide our actions and thinking.

AUSD RI 4 Factors

All Educational Stakeholders are included

Admin, Teacher & Student (& More) RI Guidelines

AUSD Remote Instruction Guidelines

Newly Formulated Collaboratively with Director, Principals, Teachers, Academic Coaches and TOSAs for the 2020-21 school year

Version Date: August 20, 2020

These guidelines are based on our experience during the March to June 2020 closures, best practices, developmentally appropriate practice and the SB 98 law that governs CA distance learning and remote instruction for the 20-21 school year.

All educational stakeholders have guidelines and expectations to make shifts in roles at all level less obscure.

These may be revised from time to time with input from all the levels involved.

Admin, Teacher & Student (& More) RI Guidelines SPANISH

Pautas de instrucción remota de AUSD

Formulado recientemente en colaboración con el director, directores, maestros, entrenadores académicos y TOSA para el año escolar 2020-21

Fecha de la versión: 20 de agosto de 2020

Estas pautas se basan en nuestra experiencia durante los cierres de marzo a junio de 2020, las mejores prácticas, la práctica apropiada para el desarrollo y la ley SB 98 que rige el aprendizaje a distancia de California y la instrucción remota para el año escolar 20-21.

Todos los interesados en la educación tienen pautas y expectativas para hacer que los cambios de roles en todos los niveles sean menos oscuros.

Estos pueden ser revisados de vez en cuando con aportes de todos los niveles involucrados.

This website could not have been made without the hard work and collaboration of Our own Alisal Educational Technology Department members: Director -Josh Harris, Teachers On Special Assignment - George Lopez and Celia Salinas Garcia, and Ari Rodriguez - Assistant to the Director. The extended members of our department, EdTech Liaisons, Alma Ramirez, Alyssa Gonzales, Ben Cogswell, Carol Gonzales, Celeste Ward, Diego Guerra, Elena Clemente, Fernando Otero, Irma Zuniga, Isabel Serrano, Jason Hamil, Kyle Klein-Trousdale-Stephenson, Lisa Melashenko, Lora Carey, Maricar Osorio, and Tara Crampton.

Additionally, we have collaborated with amazing educational technology professionals from all over California and across the United States. They have kindly and generously donated their precious free time, expertise, thought, collaboration and partnership. Our teachers and children are better served for this collaboration and generosity of spirit in the educational technology field.

We Wish to specifically thank: Ann Kozma; Ari Flewelling; Cynthia Nixon, Jody Green, Kelly Martin, Kim Calderon; Kristina Mattis, and Susan Stewart.

Special thanks to Samantha Duchscherer for lending extra hands.