What the heck does "AIC" stand for?

AIC stands for "American in China." The reason for this is because, well, I'm an American living in China. Much of my inspiration for my comics comes from my experiences living here, including the names of my characters. For example, Shexie Meiren means Femme Fatale in Cantonese. I also like to use the cities that I've lived in or visited as the setting for my stories.

Your comics say "Starring: blah blah blah." What does that mean?

Some of the characters in my stories are based on my friends. So when I say that a comic is "starring" someone, it means that I've used that person's likeness for a character. Don't worry, they gave me permission to use their likeness. I'm not stealing their looks.

Do you draw your own comics?

No I do not. The good lord has not blessed me with any artistic ability. Hence, I hire very talented artists who help to bring my characters to life. They are always credited for their work, and I cannot thank them enough for what they do.

How often do you release new comics?

As often as I can. Currently, I'm working on several projects, including my first graphic novel "Shexie Meiren." Between issues, I try to release smaller comics based on other characters. In general, I suggest checking back every couple of weeks for new content. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Do you print your comics?

Yes. Currently, I print a limited number of issues of my project "Shexie Meiren" that are available for purchase. At the moment, these are only available in China. However, I hope to have them available in the U.S. in the near future.

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