On the distant utopian world of Glittera, security agent Sparx and her partner Leng Xie defend the planet from alien gangs, killer machines, and mysterious ancient beings, all in a style reminiscent of the Saturday morning cartoons and monster-of-the-week shows of yesteryear.

When an alien gang goes on a crime spree across Glittera, it's up to Agents Sparx and Leng Xie to put a stop to them. The gang's leader, Hewa - who has the power to freeze her enemies - will stop at nothing to take what she needs to help her starving people, even if it means murder. Sparx must hurry to end the killing that terrorizes the city. Meanwhile, Leng Xie begins to discover something inside her that she can't explain, or control. Can she fight both Hewa and this mysterious internal force? Can Sparx take on Hewa and her followers without Leng Xie's full attention? Agent Sparx: Defender of Glittera is over 100 pages of action and adventure.

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Who are the Glitterites?

The Glitterites are an alien race of genetically identical females that inhabit the planet Glittera, a world that is considered to be a utopia among the neighboring planets. The Glitterites are a mysterious people - much of their ancient history was lost in what they call "The Great War," which occurred over 1,000 years ago. They don't know where they come from or why they all look alike. But none of those questions matter to them. After centuries of happiness, Glitterites have lost the ability to experience emotions like sadness or anger. Their lives are perfect and they intend to go on without worrying about their past or their future.

To me, the Glitterites represent the typical portrayal of women in comics during the 90's, when I was at the height of my comic book fandom as a preteen/teen. Their skimpy costumes are reminiscent of the overtly sexualized appearance of many female characters at the time, who's outfits resembled a swimsuit rather than something more appropriate for fighting back guys. One of the most perplexing examples would be in a copy of Fantastic Four I picked up. Flipping through the pages, I came across an image of the Invisible Woman, who decided to shed her traditional jumpsuit for a sleeveless leotard with the number "4" cut out across her chest. It was clear that Marvel and DC were designing female characters for male readers that - while they were appealing - was still a serious disservice to many readers.

Who's Who in Agent Sparx: Defender of Glittera

Sparx: Agent Ying Xiong, aka "Sparx" is one of Glittera's most highly decorated security officers. She graduated from the top of her class, thanks in part to her good friend and partner, Leng Xie. Like other Glitterites, Sparx lacks anger and sadness, what they consider to be negative emotions. But that doesn't stop her from tackling alien invasions with the seriousness that the situation requires. Hence, she's called on whenever the planet is faced with intergalactic threats.

Leng Xie: Agent Leng Xie, Sparx's oldest friend and partner, is also among Glittera's best security officers. An agent with a perfect record, she's brought down every threat to the planet she's faced, even those that other Glitterites would consider to be against impossible odds. There's something different about her that other Glitterites can't quite figure out. She seems to be hiding something, which concerns her best friend, Sparx. But as far as anyone else is concerned, if she continues to keep the planet safe, they're happy.


  • Chelsey Muroda

Artwork by Rithwik G. and Gisela A. Molina

Cover Art by Rain Art Studios

Written and Arranged by Michael Kelley

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