Shout out to Weingartz for stepping in when we were having issues with our John Deere mowers! We're now in the process of replacing all of our JDs with Exmarks from Weingartz! It's incredibly important to have an equipment dealer and service department that you can trust and we've found that in Weingartz! 

We've been providing a full service outdoor lawn and landscape experience for commercial properties in the Saline & Ann Arbor areas for over 30 years. We continue to maintain the properties of some of our very first commercial customers - Avis Farms, Weatherstone Condominiums, & Oak Meadows Condominiums, to name a few. Our commercial customers appreciate the fact that we can be their single source for keeping their property looking just right. 

A&H takes great pride in being a full-service company for our commercial customers. We will keep your property's lawn maintained - mowing, edging, and fall & spring clean-ups. We have three irrigation crews who will help to maintain the irrigation system - repairing and replacing sprinkler heads, valve boxes, lines, timer schedules, fall winterizations, and spring start-ups. Annual displays in the spring, annual removal in the fall, shrub trimming, bed weeding (both by hand and spraying), landscape construction projects, hardscapes, snow removal - we'll do it all for you

If you're interested in lawn maintenance and snow removal services at your commercial property (business, condominium or apartment complex, homeowner's association, etc.), or have questions about the services we offer, just shoot Brandon an email and give him some specifics on your property.

If you're in need of a more in-depth landscape job at your commercial property, email Tim and he can get started on a design and estimate for you.