The Columbus Curriculum: What we offer

Columbus offers a broad and varied curriculum for all children and young people. Whilst recognising the need to provide access to all the subjects and learning experiences from the National Curriculum, we acknowledge the need to combine this with a more holistic view of learning with a focus upon a number of skills that can be challenging for our young people.

Our Key Skills Curriculum is designed to support lifelong learning, enabling us to do just that by intertwining subject specific learning experiences with opportunities to develop communication skills, problem solving skills, motor development, independence and social skills. personal, social and health skills, communication skills, applying and using mathematics, motor development, information technology skills, study skills and problem solving skills.

Our subject specific, specialist learning environments, motor therapy suites and sensory rooms support the Columbus teaching and learning teams to focus intensively upon the individual sensitivities and impairments of each child and young person in a specifically designed, supportive space. The work done in these spaces is heavily supported by our resident Therapists and their Assistants with much of what is designed and delivered in these specialist rooms being transferred into the classroom throughout the school week.

Community-based learning features on every child and young person’s timetable every week. We believe that the earlier we start social and independence building skills, the more chance at success we have for the future. Community-based learning experiences include basic travel training, visits to the local shops, horse riding or perhaps even a visit to the hairdressers! For our younger children, we make visits that relate to early learning or mobility skills or visits to places that link to a topic or project.

Our older students access learning and social opportunities in the local community that will aid them to enter the world of work or help them to access independent or semi-independent living. Experiences for our older students include college placements, travel training, health and fitness, the exploration of new hobbies and interests as well as activities relating to independent living tasks and routines.

Columbus extends its curriculum to offer education journeys both abroad and within the UK in order to broaden our young people's learning and social experiences.

In order to ensure our curriculum is ambitious we are constantly reviewing the curriculum content to ensure a 'Remarkable Education' for all children and young people, Please see our curriculum intent here. Curriculum Intent

Our Reading Experiences

What does reading look like for a child with severe and profound learning difficulties? Reading Experience at Columbus