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Our commitment: Trust statement from the CEO

"Like everyone, we've been appalled by the stories that are emerging across the country. It is completely unacceptable that girls are being treated in this way and we have a collective responsibility as education leaders to take a stand. We pride ourselves on being a highly inclusive family of schools, and whilst we have strong systems and controls in place as part of our work on equality, diversity and inclusion focusing on gender, racism, sexuality and disability, we want to make sure we are leaving no stone unturned in eradicating these insidious behaviours.

"In addition to our existing practices, we are taking steps to ensure that each of our schools has the means to capture testimony from students - either anonymously or in person through safe spaces - so that there is every opportunity to uncover any issues, past or present. We all need to go further and shine a light on these issues so that they are brought out in the open and dealt with swiftly, including involving the police. To do otherwise, makes us part of the problem

Welcome to our Remote Learning Area

We are open as usual however some children will need to remain at home so we have kept this page live for additional remote learning resources and information. Your main links to live lessons and learning is accessed via each child's individual classroom in Class Dojo

We will keep the link to the summer school fun activities available to you here and update it regularly with new content that you may enjoy with your child. Please check back regularly for updates and information regarding the Curriculum.

Click here for all the information you need with the recovery curriculum.

We are very excited to be bringing sports day to your homes this year!

We have kept our Virtual Sports Week link live for you still to access:

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