Plan an Event

Planning a viewing event for a Kavli Fulldome Lecture takes time and a healthy amount of forward-thinking, but it doesn't have to be difficult. This will be our fifth lecture, and we think we have enough experience to share with you some points to consider when hosting your own viewing event. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Project Manager, Steve Burkland (

How will your guests view the Kavli Fulldome Lecture Series?

You have two options to present this lecture to your guests:

  1. With the correct version of Uniview, you can receive our Domecast straight into your dome or theater.
  2. Your guests can use their smartphones, and VR headsets you obtain from us, to view the lecture via YouTube 360.

For information about either of these options, please fill out and submit our request form.

Who will attend your viewing event?

Inviting VIPs and donors may provide an opportunity to encourage contributions to the museum.

Your viewing event may serve as a value-added perk to museum membership.

The general public could get the rare opportunity to mingle with scientists and museum experts.

In fact, you can invite all three groups!

Will you charge for your viewing event?

Providing a free event is certainly a wonderful service to your community, but we have anecdotally observed that charging even a few dollars will increase your actual attendance on the day of the lecture. Consider a fee structure that provides discounts to students, seniors, and members.

Invite scientists or local experts to view the lecture with your guests.

After the lecture we encourage questions from all of our partners and guests, however time is limited and we don't get to everyone. Inviting scientists from your museum or local university will give your guests the opportunity to have their questions addressed, either before and after the lecture.


As a partner, you'll receive media assets you can use to advertise your viewing event. Get the word out as soon as possible, even to your local press. Consider offering complimentary tickets to get the press to engage with your institution. It might even work to invite them to the early lecture in order to increase the chances of a shout-out in the evening news!

Decide on and coordinate amenities to your viewing event.

  • Make your event as accessible as possible - address any ADA needs.
  • Consider offering refreshments before or after the lecture.
  • Coordinate a parking plan with your institution.
  • Plan for any A/V needs.
  • Consider the weather! Will you have coat racks available? Is there a chance your event could get canceled due to weather, and what would be the logistics of that?

Best Practices

  • Motivated guests will ask questions for 30-45 minutes after a lecture is concluded, try to capture and address that curiosity.
  • Coordinate your staffing and security needs early.
  • Track actual attendance, even if they are complementary tickets.
  • Employ any relevant science demonstration carts or informal education opportunities.
  • Take Pictures!
  • Use this chance to make guests aware of other events or offerings at your institution.
  • Encourage guests to save the date for the next Kavli Lecture, and join us again as partners!