Fairtrade at St Joseph’s

At St Joseph’s we support Fairtrade. The Fairtrade group would like to share our progress in the Fairtrade Schools Awards. There are 3 categories: FAIRAWARE AWARD, FAIRACTIVE AWARD and FAIRACHIEVER AWARD.

It’s official!


It was awarded on 11/05/2016

The Fairtrade Group would like to thank everyone’s support for Fairtrade. From pupils buying snacks at our tuckshop, parents constantly supporting our community events and buying Fairtrade uniform, to teachers providing learning opportunities about Fairtrade.

This is some of the feedback we have received from the assessors of our application:

“St Joseph’s, you are an amazing school. We are so impressed! You have done so well in embedding Fairtrade in all facets of the school – from Fairtrade tuck shops to including the wider community and holding fundraising events. It is clear to see that you have worked hard to ensure that you raise awareness for Fairtrade both in the school and in the wider community. Well done!”