Our Curriculum

The 4 Capacities

Curriculum for Excellence places learners at the heart of education. At its centre are four fundamental capacities. These capacities reflect and recognise the lifelong nature of education and learning. The four capacities are aimed at helping children and young people to become:

  • Successful learners

  • Confident individuals

  • Responsible citizens

  • Effective contributors

The Curriculum

Experiences and Outcomes (often called Es+Os) are a set of clear and concise statements about children's learning and progression in each curriculum area. These are what our teachers use to assess, plan and prepare each child's progressive steps.

The Curriculum for Excellence Benchmarks set out clear statements about what learners need to know and be able to do to achieve a level across all curriculum areas



Health & Wellbeing

Interdisciplinary Learning

Four Contexts for Learning

Curriculum Levels

​​​There are five curriculum levels - Early, First, Second, Third and Fourth - in the broad general education (from early years to the end of S3).

This diagram shows the five curriculum levels

Early level: Age 3 to P1

First level: P2, P3, P4

Second level: P5, P6, P7

Third/Fourth level: S1, S2, S3

Senior phase: S4, S5, S6

Note: This is a general guide. Learners will progress at their own pace through the curriculum levels - the framework is designed to be flexible to permit careful planning for those with additional support needs, including those who have a learning difficulty and those who are particularly able or talented.