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Welcome to Kirkhill School

At Kirkhill we strongly believe in everyone - staff, learners, parents/carers and members of the community working together in partnership. We try to ensure that our children are happy at school and meet with both challenge and success throughout their time at Kirkhill. Each P7 pupil should leave Kirkhill with a sense of achievement, success and positive memories. They also should have been afforded a range of opportunities to attain national levels to the best of their ability.

We strongly believe parents/carers working in partnership with the school make a real difference to their child’s learning. Let’s work together to make that difference.

SChool closure 13.8.20

The school will be closed due to flooding.

SChool closure 12.8.20

The school will be closed due to flooding.

covid risk assessment

Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment is dynamic and will be reviewed on a weekly basis.

Contingency plan for august 2020

Contingency Plan

Please follow the link below to access the Local Delivery Phasing Plan

An Introduction to Wellbeing Wednesday


Due to current circumstances, our contact details are as follows:

School Email:

  • Headteacher Email –
  • Depute Headteacher Email:
  • Depute Headteacher Email:

Follow us on twitter: @Kirkhill_School

You can also access help and information from the Aberdeen City Helpline: 01224 523322

Scottish Welfare Fund Crisis Line: 0800 030 4713

Please be advised that queries about access to online learning, like passwords and logins should be made to the school, not to either of the helplines.

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