Love Manifesto

Our Love Manifesto 

A manifesto is a written statement that describes your goals and ideas. Here's the Feelings Inspectors' Love Manifesto for our school. This is for all children and adults working together to make Bramble Brae a place where every child feels loved. 

'All children need to be loved. If we don't feel loved, then we can feel lonely.'  (Feelings Inspector and Imagineer, aged 12.) 

The Feelings Inspectors would like all children to feel loved at Bramble Brae. They shared that love is the most important thing for children. 

Children need adults who care for them in their life to make them feel loved. This could be parents, carers, grandparents, teachers and PSAs. These adults should make sure children have food,water, shelter, are clean and safe. They say, 'I love you'. give us hugs, help us with friendships and problems and make sure children have a happy life.