Reed Information

Clarinet and Saxophone players are responsible for maintaining a collection of 2 or more usable reeds throughout the school year. Once a reed is chipped or torn, it must be discarded.  

Reeds come in different "strengths", so make sure to buy reeds with an appropriate strength number for your musician.  Typically, our beginning players will use #2 strength for Royal brand reeds, or #2.5 strengh for Juno brand reeds.  If you are unsure of what reeds to buy, PLEASE consult with Mr. Michael.  Buying the wrong reeds can impede the progress of our musicians.  PLEASE do not buy brands other than Juno or Royal unless a private music teacher suggests otherwise.  

Mr. Michael's Preferred Beginning Clarinets Reeds-

Royal by D'Addario Bb Clarinet Reeds - Strength 2.0

(Make sure reeds are for B-Flat Clarinet)

Mr. Michael's Preferred Beginning Saxophone Reeds- 

Royal by D'Addario Eb Alto Saxophone Reeds - Strength 2.0

(make sure reeds are for E-Flat Alto Saxophone)