How to Practice

Mr. Michael's key to successful home practice is as easy as 1,2,3! or SAY, FINGER, PLAY!

Practicing should be:
-Part of your homework routine.
-Something to do every day for at least 15 minutes
-About getting better.
-Working on things that are challenging.
-Trying new things on your instrument.
-Trying to get the best possible sound when you play.

Practicing should NOT be:
-Playing through music that you can already play perfectly.
-Blowing without thinking.
-Making funny sounds with your instrument.
-Something to do while watching TV.
-Letting brothers or sister play your instrument.
-Forgotten about.

Practicing looks and sounds like:
-A musician sitting or standing with good posture in a quiet place.
-Starts and stops - not just playing through the music.
-Having folder, music, a pencil, and your instrument out.
-Slow, steady progress.
-Making mistakes, then working to fix them.
-Filling out your practice sheet when done.

Things to try:
-Tap your foot on every beat (notes and rests) as you play.
-Don't start practicing new music at a fast tempo.  Play slowly and to a steady tempo at first. 
-Increase tempo when you're comfortable and ready.
-Hold a (steady) note for as long as you can (Long tones).  
-Practice with Bandmate Chromatic Tuner app open to check your intonation 
-Isolate a tricky section (it may only be one measure or a few notes) and play it over and over.  
-Don't waste too much time on easy sections.