Orchestra Belts

In martial arts, such as karate, colored belts are often used to represent the advancement or growth of a student.  Our band and orchestra belts function in the same way.  When a student can masterfully perform the task linked to a certain colored belt, they will be rewarded with that belt to attach to their instrument case.  Students may not skip ahead to the benchmark belt pieces, but must complete all assigned material in order.  Pieces must be performed all the way through without stopping, at a steady tempo (tapping foot on beat). Belt test pieces are taken from Essential Elements for Strings book 1.  

1. White Belt
 -   #19 Rolling Along (played pizzicato) 

2. Yellow Belt - #22 Lightly Row (played pizzicato)

3. Orange Belt - #33 Song For Christine (played pizzicato)

4. Green Belt - #34 Natalie's Rose (played pizzicato)

5. Purple Belt - #42 Old Macdonald had a Farm (played pizzicato)

6. Blue Belt  - #63 Scale Simulator 

7. Red - #86 Ode to Joy

8. Brown - #92a/b Can-Can Duet (must play both parts)

9. Black - #152 Long, Long Ago

Pop-Up Belts
Note Quiz Belt - Flashcard Note Quiz (Identify First 8 note in 15 seconds or less)
Rhythm Quiz Belt - Flashcard Rhythm Quiz (Identify 8 Rhythmic Symbols in 20 seconds or less)
Light Blue Belt - Writing in Counts Worksheet (completed with 3 errors or less)
Rainbow Awesomeness Belt - "Concert Ready" Belt (Perform all spring concert pieces)