Essential Agreement

The York Academy Band/Orchestra Pledge

Essential Agreement 2019-2020

  1. I understand that being a band/orchestra member is a special privilege.

  2. I understand that a band/orchestra member is respectful and a good listener.

  3. I understand that if I am disrespectful, I will lose my privilege to be in band/orchestra.

  4. I promise to be principled and to practice at home.  I will write down my practice minutes on my practice sheet. 

  5. I promise to come prepared to rehearsals/lessons at school.

  6. I understand that if I forget my instrument/music folder more than five times, I will receive a written warning, then could lose my privilege to be in band/orchestra.

  7. I will be committed, even if I am frustrated.

  8. My goal is to perform in the York Academy concerts with my fellow band/orchestra members.

  9. I understand that my failure to meet the criteria of this essential agreement could result in my removal from band/orchestra or specific performances.