Responsibility is about the actions of an individual. Reponsibility is about taking ownership of not only your actions, but even the most remote, indirect result of your actions. A responsible person moves beyond 'who did what' and focuses on 'what do we do about it'.

What does it mean to you?
Are you involved in your child's school?
Do you contribute your time and/or money to worthy causes?
Do you admit your faults and failings?
Do you vote?
Do you wait your turn?
Do you obey the rules?
Do you recycle?
Are you a good role model for children?
Are you a good role model for people you know?
Are you a good role model when in public (for people you do not know)?
Do you leave things as good as or better than how you found them?
Do you consider others in your actions?
Do you understand how your actions affect others?
Are you responsible?

Why not make a difference?
Why not?