Session I

The Good, Better, "Best" Appraiser Workshop - Session One

The Good, Better, “Best” Appraiser Workshop is divided into two sessions. The first session is devoted to total client management and interaction. From the first client contact to reviewing the final work product, the Good, Better, “Best” Appraiser Workshop covers it all. Attendees will be instructed on how to close over the telephone, how to interact with the client, deal with client challenges, and learn how to discuss scope of work issues.Are you intimidated by asking a client for a deposit or to sign a contract? Do you know what to bring for the inspection? Are you equipped for the unexpected

during the inspection? Are you comfortable in discussing your final work product with the client? Are you prepared to deal with the client over lower than expected values, yet still remain confident you will be paid in full? Are you prepared to deal with client challenges to valuation and identification? Are you familiar with the latest research and technology techniques? The Good, Better, “Best” Appraiser Workshop is designed to prepare you to be able to deal with all eventualities of the client management aspect of appraising.The Good, Better, “Best” Appraiser Workshop has been developed for both the new appraiser and the seasoned valuation expert. The appraisal industry is changing. The IRS is scrutinizing appraisal methodology and are now actively looking for valuation inconsistencies and violations which may include fines. For example, Sec. 6695A may impose substantial penalties on appraisers which lead to substantial and gross valuation misstatements on returns, and has resulted in increased IRS involvement in appraisal issues and appraisal valuation reviews.

These recent changes, plus the new emphasis on USPAP, appraiser competency, qualifications and scope of work issues has led to increasing the standardization and professionalism of our industry, but also adds increased burdens upon appraisers to remain qualified and current in appraisal theory, market valuations and valuations. Our profession is no longer static, in just a short period of time it has become fluid and progressively more professional in its nature. Do you have the core competencies to react to these changes? Do you have the credentials and experience to become a qualified appraiser? The Good, Better, “Best” Appraiser Workshop will give you the experience and confidence needed to manage the scope of these opportunities.