Session II

The Good, Better, "Best" Appraiser Workshop - Session Two

There are many courses, seminars, conferences and workshops that teach appraisal theory, product knowledge, USPAP standards, and marketing. However, none emphasize appraisal methodology as a total “hands on” active learning experience. How much real learning is taking place in a hotel meeting room or traditional classroom where an antique drawer, a print or a piece of antique silver are passed around while power point images flash on a wall screen? Perhaps more importantly, how much practical knowledge is gained?Contrast a typical “classroom” scenario with a real working environment, an active auction house and gallery which is closed to the general public during a workshop. The entire on hand inventory of consignments, including fine and decorative art, will be available for detailed inspection and identification. At the Good, Better, “Best” Appraisers Workshop participants can take their time, and jointly or individually inspect items of specific interest for construction techniques, authenticity, condition, quality, age and style. Guidance, feedback, and instruction is provided by two professional appraisers who have earned their Certified designation by the International Society of Appraisers.

Picture yourself taking all the drawers out of a period American chest, inspecting the secondary woods, tipping it over to inspect the legs and glue blocks, and then questioning and discussing whether it is actually an early centennial piece. Similarly, picture yourself examining a 19th century oil on canvas under an ultra violet light to fully understand how this valuable tool provides clues to restorations and repairs. Perhaps, you are intimidated by tall case clocks; here is a chance to take one apart. Are there notations on the back of the face, have the uprights been altered, has the seat board been replaced, are there multiple pendulum markings? Perhaps, the works and case don’t belong together. What about that “bronze” in the corner of the shop? Is it an original, a recast or well-disguised pot metal?

A beginning appraiser and an expert in a specific specialty area both benefit from the Good, Better, “Best” Appraiser Workshop. The new

appraiser can gain needed on-site experience and confidence by working in a “real world” environment. The experienced appraiser can extend specialty area expertise for meeting IRS qualified appraiser status, while adding new skills and specialties to grow a practice.

The wide inventory of fine and decorative arts available for “hands on” identification and inspection allows participants a choice. Class participants can explore a variety of areas to broaden knowledge or focus on one area of particular interest. The idea is to select areas where additional knowledge and experience can raise appraisal performance to the next level.

The Good, Better, “Best” Appraisers Workshop offers street-smart experience instead of classroom exercises, hands-on inspections instead of slide presentations and personal attention aimed at enlarging the community of “Best” appraisers.