• AMC 8 2018 school winners- 4-way tie Sean Hession, Maria Hanna, Steuart Reiss, & Ashwin Varadarajan
  • AMC 8 winners by grade: 5th gr.- 1st Averil Boren; 6th gr.- 1st Ashwin Varadarajan & Steuart Reiss, 3rd Mary Katherine O'Malley & Johnathan Strickland, 7th gr.- 1st Maria Hanna, 2nd Luke Adams, 3rd Jason Smith, Avery Keivit, & Max Wang; 8th gr.- 1st Sean Hession, 2nd Farhan Sanukri, 3rd Sahil Patel
  • AMC 8 winners by class:  Prealgebra- 1st Steuart Reiss, 2nd Johnathan Strickland, Mary Katherine O'Malley, & Averil Boren; Math I- 1st Maria Hanna & Ashwin Varadarajan, 3rd Luke Adams; Math II- 1st Max Wang,  Ava Sauer & Sam Bradshaw
  • Max Wang, Farhan Sanukri, and Kaelee Rowan advanced to the state high school math contest in May of 2018.
  • Our Mathcounts' team placed 1st in the county, 2nd in the region, and 14th in the state in 2018.
  • Varun Varadarajan won the Mathcounts' countdown round at both the county and regional level in 2018.
  • WAAS earned the "School of Merit" award for the 2017 AMC 8 math competition! We improved by three points compared to last year.  Varun Varadarajan and Sahil Patel are the school winners and earned the "Honor Roll" along with Mason Evans for their outstanding performance.  
  • I have an updated set of my own video lessons on YouTube.  Subscribe to "mathmrsimon" and find your class under the "Playlists" tab.
  • Parents, please check out the gifted student support page I created as part of my AIG coursework!  I hope you find it helpful. 
                   Supply List

 Please bring your items with you on the first day of school.

-  one graphing calculator TI-84 Plus (w/name written in Sharpie)

-  two packs of pencils

-  one highlighter

-  one 2'' 3-ring binder shared with science

-  one pencil pouch   

-  one pack of 4 tab binder section dividers     

-  two packs of notebook paper

-  one graph paper pack of 50 (4-6 squares per in.)
Wish List (optional)
  • Clorox wipes
  • tissues
  • ream of copy paper

2017 County MathCounts Winner: Varun Varadarajan

             2016 Regional MathCounts Competition