What students say

"Overall a remarkable experience! 
The experience of the leaders and their patient,
 direct input went beyond my expectations.
 The time spent at the lodge is, of course, always a treat.
 If that's not enough, just the food alone was worth the price of admission.

A million thanks."
- Tom R.

 I have been involved in a number of first aid situations where common sense was my only tool. From taking the WFAC, I will be much better qualified and more confident to handle the next situation I encounter. - Brad B.

 "(The Wilderness First Aid Course) is truly an incredible experience. Once you take it, you will question why anyone would go into the wilderness without having taken it."
 - Larry S.

"You'd think that after 30+ years of hiking/mountaineering/rockclimbing and 4 or 5 or (who knows?) 6 WFACs, I'd be done learning. 
But noooooo!

 It was a wonderful class. Once again, I learned a lot (albeit, flat on my back, very wet ground underneath me, snow falling on my face, my would-be rescuers apparently unaware that hypothermia would kill me way before a closed fracture...).
 WTC is a great class for participants. WFAC is the best of all possible classes for leaders. "
- Ron C.

"Thank you so much, Steve. It was a life-changing class and potentially life-saving. I can't wait to come back as a victim for my next time around."
- Gina B.

"WFAC was a great class. The instructors, scenarios and reference materials were outstanding."
- Jackson J.

"WFAC is an integral part of outdoor leadership training. The course is taught by highly qualified and experienced staff and raises awareness of the dangers of the outdoors and the importance of wilderness first aid skills." - Andrea A..

"This team is awesome! I so appreciate your dedication to quality instruction while keeping it fun. The food was incredible! All volunteers sooo friendly and obviously supportive of the program."
- Karen F.

"WFAC...It's like taking a class at a friend's house."
- Adam S.

"I've taken a lot of classes to become a better leader. WFAC is hands down the best. This class astonishes me every time I take it."
- Ron C.

"The level of knowledge, expertise and patience among the instructors was impressive and they were all very committed to sharing proven best practices. The class size was optimal, allowing for a great deal of one-on-one and small-group interaction."
- Shawn S.

"I remember the first time I witnessed an accident
 in the wilderness. I felt helpless. If you lead trips,
 you owe it to yourself to learn how to deal with injuries. 
WFAC is an outstanding class--an absolute can't-miss 
for any outings leader."
- Ron C.

"WFAC...Don't leave home without it"
- Darrick D.

"The victim scenarios are realistic,
 appropriately stressful, and very well thought-out." - Ed C.

"The combination of classroom lectures, 
skill building sessions and scenarios,
 delivered by instructors who are...
knowledgeable in their field…
and are supportive of beginning level 
students, made for a truly enriching experience"
- Howard K.