Application and enrollment

To apply, send these 4 items:

1. The application form (or the Fly Standby application form), completely filled in:

_Appl Two Day Spring 2024.pdf

Application Form

_Appl FS Two Day Spring 2024.pdf

2. Signed Participation Release

Participation Release 2022.pdf

If you are unable to view and print the application and release in items 1 and 2, please email Steve and he will email these to you.

3. All of the checkbox items on the Application under "Submit all of the following items by USPS mail or email"

4. Payment (see options on the application):

2-Day Extended WFAC May 4 and 5, 2024

or $90 for Fly Standby enrollment  (see details)

Email the above items (except the fee*) to:

*If you send everything except the fee by email, check the box on the application that indicates you are to be billed by PayPal.

Email questions and comments to Steve at the above email address.

or mail everything (including a check for the fee) to:

Wilderness First Aid Course
P.O. Box 3414
Fullerton, CA 92834