To apply...

Send all 3 of the following for your class, in the same package, to the registrar (we return incomplete submissions):
  1. A printout of the application form, completely filled in:

    Wilderness First Aid Course Application Form for Fall 2017

    Wilderness First Aid Course Application Form for Spring 2018 
    (available soon)

  2. Proof of prerequisite completion:
    CPR no longer ago than four years prior to the date of the WFAC
    (Send a copy, rather than the original, of your CPR card.)

  3. Payment:
    Check payable to WFAC
            3-Day WFAC November 3-5, 2017
            $255 all students

            3-Day WFAC May 4-6, 2018
            Fee TBA

Click here for details on: what the fee covers.

WFAC offers a few opportunities to reduce your fee.

NOTE: Please do not send a check that expires in 90 days.
This matters because the WFAC holds checks for several months before cashing them.
Send the above 3 items in a complete package to the following:

Wilderness First Aid Course
P.O. Box 3414
Fullerton, CA 92834

Send questions and comments to lead instructor Steve:

******NOTE:  WFAC returns incomplete submissions.******