How likely is it that I will be accepted into the course from the waitlist?
Typically, the WFAC accepts eight to ten people from the waitlist, due to cancellations. (Because WFAC volunteers, for example kitchen staff, who have course reservations must confirm their interest ten weeks before the course, there is much waitlist activity at this time.)

How does the WFAC let me know that there is an opening for me? Do I have to do anything?
Depending on how close to the course date it is, we email you first and call you or just call you if it is close to the course date. Depending how far in advance of the course it is, you have 24 to 48 hours to get back in touch and accept the offered spot in the course. If you will be out of touch by phone and email for more than 24 hours, let us know.

Please be sure to let the WFAC know if your email address or primary phone number changes.

When does the WFAC cash my check?
The WFAC cashes your check only after we offer you a spot in the course and you accept.

I was on the waitlist.
I was offered a spot in the course and I accepted.
A day later, I learned that I would have to work the weekend of the course.
Can I cancel and get my money back?
From the time you accept the offer of a place in the upcoming WFAC, you have 24 hours to change your mind and cancel without penalty. Once this 24-hour grace period has expired, you are subject to the same cancellation rules as other enrolled students. These are listed in the refund schedule.

What information will I receive from the WFAC while I am on the waitlist?
You will receive the first course mailing at the same time as the enrolled students do, which is at least two months before the course. Your will receive the second mailing and the course notes only when you have been accepted.

I do not want to be accepted if less than one week remains before the course.
How do I let the WFAC know this?
For practical reasons, the WFAC stops accepting students from the waitlist when less than two weeks remain before the course date. Enrollment closes midnight Thursday evening, 14 days before the course. If you are on the waitlist, unless we have notified you for acceptance by this date, you will not be accepted into the course for which you are waitlisted. The one exception to this is "fly standby." Email Steve for details if you are willing to be accepted between 3 and 14 days prior to the course.

My friend or spouse and I are both on the waitlist; we want to take the WFAC only if we can do so together.
How can we express this preference?
Course openings due to cancellations almost always occur one at a time and they are filled within a few days. If you and your friend or spouse wait for two simultaneous openings, your chances of getting in are very small (essentially zero). We recommend the following strategy for couples or pairs of friends who are waitlisted:

If offered a spot in the course more than five weeks before the course date:
  1. Accept immediately.
  2. Mark the deadline for full refund cancellation (five weeks prior to the course) on your calendar.
Assuming you and your friend or spouse have consecutive waitlist positions, such as third and fourth, he or she ins next in line and, with a little luck, will be accepted before the five week deadline.

If, at five weeks before the course, your friend or spouse has not been accepted, you must play it safe or gamble:

Playing it safe...

Roll over both of your enrollments to the next course.

There is no charge for this if you do it more than five weeks before the course.

Taking a gamble...

Hope that a spot will open up in the next three weeks and be prepared to take the course on short notice.

The chance of being accepted if you are in the first waitlist position five weeks prior to the course is about 2/3.

I was on the waitlist for the WFAC and did not get in.
May I roll my application over to the next course?
Yes, but the WFAC must cash your check immediately so that it does not go out of date. In exchange, we will honor the price of the earlier course for which you were waitlisted, even if the price of the later course in which you are enrolling is higher, assuming they are both the regular 3-day WFAC.

I was on the waitlist for a WFAC and did not get in.
When will I get my refund?
The WFAC usually reviews all waitlist applications within two weeks after the end of the course.  You will have the option of rolling your enrollment over to the next course or having your fee refunded. If you choose the refund, we will shred your check and will send an email confirming the destruction of your check. Expect to receive this within three weeks after the course.

I am on the waitlist.
It is now one week before the course and I have not been accepted.
I would like to be there the morning of the course to see whether any enrolled students fail to register.
If someone fails to show up, I would like to take the course in their place.
If the course is full, I will turn around and go home without any hard feelings.
Is this OK?
No. The deadline for any (even partial) refunds on cancellation is one week before the deadline. Therefore, one week before the course, everyone who is enrolled has bought a seat in the course. They can show up at the start of the course, they can show up late, or they can fail to show up at all, if they choose. Regardless, they own their seat for the duration of the course and the WFAC does not give it away or sell it to someone else.

I have just been offered a spot in the WFAC, which is 2 weeks away.
I have a very busy schedule for the next two weeks.
Should I take this into account in my decision to accept the offered seat in the WFAC?
Yes. If you accept this spot in the course, you will receive, within a few days, 150 pages of course notes, a pre-test, and a list of materials to bring to the course. The pre-test is due to be handed in, completed, when you register at the door, at the start of the course. Our students spend, on average, eight hours reviewing the notes and completing the re-test. If you have too little time in your schedule to read the notes, complete the pre-test, and assemble the necessary items, it would be better to postpone until the following WFAC.