WFAC Topics and Exercises 
Legal considerations


Scene survey

Level of conciousness

Control of bleeding

Unpretzeling demo

Taking vital signs and medical history

Support taping demo and practice

Chest injuries

Abdominal injuries

Mini-scenario/ secondary survey review

Introduction to accident simulations

First and second accident scenarios

Simulation lessons learned

Electric shock

Mountain sickness, HAPE



Students splint an injury with materials on hand:
climbing web, foam pads,
and a snowshoe.


Head-to-toe exam

Strains and sprains

Splinting demo
and practice

Fractures and dislocations


After learning when evacuation is appropriate, students watch led instructor, Steve, secure a 'victim' in an 'alpine basket' before rescuers transport
the patient.

Organizing the response/working with Search and Rescue

Heat problems
"...there wasn't a dud lecture or worthless exercise in the entire 30 hours!"
- Rocky C.

Improvised C-collar


Head and C-spine injuries

Medical priorities

Patient assessment

Virtual simulations

Roller and triangular bandage demo
and practice

Eye, face, and
throat injuries

Mountain transportation