Reduced fee 
and priority enrollment,
including victims

You may be able to enroll in a course for which enrollment has closed or lower your course fee by helping the WFAC with one of these tasks:

Be a 'victim' the accident simulations.

This requires:

  1. Previous completion of a 24-hour wilderness first aid course within the past 5 years or being a medical professional with good first aid skills

  2. Missing about 1 hour of lecture Saturday and Sunday (each) for make-up sessions

  3. One set of old clothing that can be destroyed or stained:
         Long-sleeved shirt
         Long pants (light-colored so that stage blood will contrast with them)

  4. Approval of Lead Instructor, Steve

See details.

Help in the kitchen
...during a previous course and get one day of free enrollment for yourself or a guest in a later course for each day of kitchen help.
See details.

Find out why kitchen staff 'regulars' return time-after-time!

Teach the WFAC staff

...skills they currently seek for the course or propose skills.
See details.