Reduced fee and priority enrollment (including victims)

Reduced fee and priority enrollment,

including victims

You may be able to enroll in a course for which enrollment has closed or lower your course fee by helping the WFAC in one of these ways:

Be a 'victim' the accident simulations.

This requires:

  1. Previous completion of a 24-hour wilderness first aid course within the past 5 years or being a medical professional with good first aid skills
  1. Missing about 1 hour of lecture Saturday and Sunday (each) for make-up sessions
  2. One set of old clothing that can be destroyed or stained:
  3. Long-sleeved shirt
  4. Long pants (light-colored so that stage blood will contrast with them)
  5. Socks
  6. Shoes
  7. Approval of Lead Instructor, Steve

See details.

"Fly Standby"

If you have taken the WFAC in the previous five years, you may apply to be accepted between five and twelve days prior to the course at a reduced fee if the course does not fill or there is a late cancellation.

- You may apply to take the full three-day course for $190.

- You may apply to take two days of the course (Saturday and Sunday) for $160

and receive a 16-hour WFAC Refresher certificate.

- No proof of CPR is required.

- You must complete the pretest but you will have some leeway given the short time period.

- You may cancel this Fly Standby reservation up to three weeks prior to the course with no penalty.

- Between two and three weeks prior to the course there is a 50% fee forfeit

for cancellation or rollover to a subsequent course.

- After two weeks prior to the course, there is no refund of your fee.

To apply:

1. Complete the Fly Standby application.

2. Submit the application and a check for the appropriate enrollment fee (see above).

NOTE: The default distribution method for the WFAC course notes is now a PDF downloaded from Dropbox, so you can acquire the notes very quickly after having your enrollment confirmed.

Help in the kitchen

...during a previous course and get one day of free enrollment for yourself or a guest in a later course for each day of kitchen help.See details.Find out why kitchen staff 'regulars' return time-after-time!

Teach the WFAC staff

...skills they currently seek for the course or propose skills.

See details.