"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one." - Malcolm Forbes

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We will be studying world history this year and politics. The materials you need to master this course will be located through out this website. Our approach to learning is extrapolating the main ideas from the state standards and turning them into enduring issues, essential questions and big ideas. Our classroom uses spider web discussions, inquiry based learning a long with blended classroom instruction. We will assess our understandings using castle learning in order to repair topics you need to better understand before more summative exams. If you are having difficulty please message me on remind, email or see me during extra help.

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Cursive writing is encouraged in my classroom. There is lots a brain research that proves it helps the right and left side of your brain to communicate better with each other and it even boosts SAT scores. If you need to review your cursive and want to work with me please let me know. Attached is a review cursive letters.

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