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Infinite Campus FAQ

Where do I look for detailed grade information?

You can find detailed grade information in Infinite Campus by clicking on the course name hyper link.  This can be found in the Grades Tab or the Schedule Tab.  Remember to consult with your child's teacher if you have specific questions about the grades that have been assigned. 

This video may help provide you with more information.

I can't remember my password what should I do?

After 3 successful logins to the portal IC will ask you to setup a rescue email and choose some likes and dislikes to help secure your login.
If you have already done that process you can request a password reset using the link under the help menu (show below).  If you forgot your password before you setup the rescue email you can request a password reset by emailing

Campus is asking me for likes and dislikes why?

Infinite Campus uses a series of images to help you secure your account from unauthorized usage.
Once you create an account you should set the recovery email and likes and dislikes using the Account Management menu.

Should I let my child use my family campus account?

No!  Your child should not be using a parent/guardian account. A parent account has the ability to see all children in the family and perform tasks like payment of fees.  Each child should use their own student account.  Students can login to the portal using their district username and password.  This is the same username and password used to login to a computer at school.   That will give them the correct permissions to perform tasks that they need to do.  

I am installing the app, where can I find the Site ID?

You need to have a valid campus account and login to the IC Portal the first time.  Once logged in to the portal you will find the Site ID listed at the bottom of the main page. 

I have my Activation Key where do I put it in?

The activation key is used under the help menu on the login screen.  Consult the activation guide or the help video for more information.

Someone told me I can find Blackboard login info in IC.  Where is it?

This article describes how to find blackboard information.

What is the Tech Info Page?

The Tech Info page is a custom page in the IC Parent Portal that describes information about your students district issued technology.  You can use this page to see an app inventory of your students devices and  place to securely store username and password information so that you and your students teacher can share it.  The tech info page is described here.  

Question still not answered?

Submit your question to and ask us to answer your question and add it to the website.