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A compilation of pesticide safety education and pest management program information and helpful resources offered by VTPP.
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Information PageDescriptionAudience
Information PageDescriptionAudience
Best Management Practices List of best management practices. all pesticide applicators 
Best Management Practices - Pesticide Storage & Load/Mix Areas Storage and mix/load facilities - best management practices farmers, all applicators 
BMPs for Beekeepers Best management practices beekeepers 
BMPs for Christmas Tree Growers Best management practices Christmas tree growers 
BMPs for Turfgrass Managers Best management practices turfgrass managers 
Choosing a Pest Control Company Choosing a professional pest control company homeowners 
Control Your Drops Guide to avoiding drift damage from pesticide application. landowners, pesticide applicators 
Laws & Regulations Affecting Pesticide Use in Virginia Laws and regulations affecting pesticide use in Virginia. Includes handout. all pesticide applicators 
ORDER TRAINING MANUALS Instructions on ordering a Virginia Pesticide Applicator Certification Training manuals. pesticide applicators seeking certification in Virginia 
Pesticide Information Resources List of pest management and pesticide-related resources all pest managers and pesticide applicators 
Pesticide Labels General overview of the pesticide label all pesticide applicators 
PesticideLinks Links to various pesticide-related resources. everyone 
Pesticide Poisonings General points about avoiding and managing pesticide poisonings all pesticide applicators 
Pesticide Spills Basics of dealing with pesticide spills all pesticide applicators 
Protecting Chemicals from Storms & Floods Preparing chemical storage areas for wind and floods. farmers, commercial applicators 
What about IPM? Basics of integrated pest management anyone dealing with pests and plant diseases 
Showing 16 items