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Finding Us

The following links will find us. These including directions to the Virginia Tech campus and a map locating Agnew Hall.

Getting to Campus
This campus guide will show you how to find Virginia Tech and learn information about everything from building information to where to park. The link address is: http://www.vt.edu/about/

Visitor Parking

Parking for Agnew Hall is located in the Price Hall parking lot, around the Drillfield, and other lots within convenient walking distance of our location. For details on Visitor Parking go to the VISITOR PARKING website. Parking passes are available at the Visitor Information Center on Prices Fork Road and University Avenue near the entrance to the Inn at Virginia Tech.

Finding Agnew Hall

Agnew Hall, Virginia Tech

Central Campus map showing location of Agnew Hall (Sector K-7, Building 109 on map). VTPP is on the third floor of Agnew.  -- http://www.vt.edu/where_we_are/maps/central-campus-map.pdf