Assistance for applicators seeking information on getting certified in Virginia or just seeking pesticide regulatory and safety information.
  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions for pesticide applicators
  • Regulations and Basic Information for Pest Managers in Virginia. This does not substitute for regulatory information specific to the Virginia Pesticide Control Act (see links below pertaining to VDACS Office of Pesticide Services). This link does include sample recordkeeping forms, an overview of applicator responsibilities, and other laws affecting pesticide application in Virginia.
  • Uncertified Applicators - Getting Certified -- If you have never been certified as a private or commercial applicator (including registered technicians) and would like to obtain the information to do so, please review the information provided below for private and commercial applicators. Even if you choose not to become certified, you should still seek pesticide safety education to help you apply pesticides correctly. Many uncertified applicators attend our training courses and obtain our manuals for this purpose, yet never seek certification. Review the columns on each side of this paragraph for more information. To help you further, we also offer the following information:
  • Certified Commercial Applicator & Registered Technicians -- An applicator who applies pesticides for hire or for an employer whose primary business is commercial in nature, a government entity, or whose pesticide use impacts the public, must be certified as a commercial applicator in Virginia. If an applicator in this business has less than one year experience, he or she is required to be registered technician.
  • Pesticide Businesses -- For requirements of businesses involved with pesticide sale, use, or recommendation in Virginia.
  • VDACS Forms Page -- Forms for all pesticide applicators and pesticide businesses.
  • Training - A list of training resources for all applicators.