Refugee Ministry

"As I sit on the donated blue couch watching the kids eat their first ever trick-or-treat candy, the oldest daughter comes to sit next to me. Fleta is only 11 years old but she seems much older. She is tall and her eyes seem to reflect months of pain and strife. She shows me a video of a famous musician that she knows and loves. First, he is in the chaotic airport in Kabul with an image of his beloved flag on the screen. In the next scene he is singing his heart out in a place for refugees in Chicago with a brightly colored American flag next to him. He looks happy and thankful. Fleta’s mother explains to me in her broken English that this man also had to flee from the Taliban because he is a musician, and that the Taliban have already executed 10 musicians. Then I listen to their story of how they left their home in a crowded military aircraft with 500 others all sitting on the floor of the plane. I feel the sadness in her face sweep over me all at once. But then I am thankful that they have escaped and that God has brought them here to Blacksburg where so many kind people can pool their resources to serve them and show them that they are not hated, but loved." Michelle Parker

After several years of praying for and considering involvement in refugee ministry, we finally made the leap of faith in 2021. Victory44 is partnering with Blacksburg Refugee Partnership to help refugees in the New River Valley area.

Here’s how you can get involved in helping refugees.

1. Pray for refugee families. Pray for God’s love and blessing to shine on them. Pray that they will respond to the love of Christ shown to them by Christians in their community and that their physical and spiritual needs will be met as they start a new life in America.

2. Apply to be a volunteer with an organization that helps refugees in your area. There may be an organization helping refugees near you.

3. Donate to Victory44 - Please mark your gift for refugee help. We will make sure funds go to helping refugee families.

Names are changed and faces are masked for confidentiality concerns.