1. General information on the BroadComLab
  • Location: the laboratory of Broadband Communication Systems (the BroadComLab) is located in room n° 101, at the first floor of the DIET Department of Sapienza University, Via Eudossiana n° 18, Building B, 00184 Rome
  • Main research area: broadband communication and computing systems
  • Web pageBroadComLab
  • Coordinator: Prof. Enzo Baccarelli
  • Permanent people: Prof. Enzo Baccarelli, Prof. Lorenzo Piazzo, Dr. Alireza Momenzadeh

A view of the BroadComLab at the DIET Department  of Sapienza University of Rome 

2. Main research areas covered by the BroadComLab
  • Energy-saving 4G and 5G radio communication systems
  • Broadband wired communication systems
  • Green virtualised networking-computing infrastructures
  • Fog-assisted vehicular networking
  • Broadband networking  for the support of Big Data services
  • Fog-aided  broadband networking  for Industry 4.0 services
  • Networked Fog computing platforms for IoT applications

The logo of the BroadComLab 

3. Main HW and SW equipments of the BroadComLab
  • Servers and PCs
  • Middle-size testbed for the emulation of Cloud and Fog computing platforms
  • Matlab, Opnet, Xen, VMM

4. Main research activities supported by the BroadComLab and related research projects
  • Design of WiMax  networking architectures (PRIN project “WOMEN”)
  • Design of hybrid 3G/4G communication systems for the support of QoS-demanding broadband multimedia services (PRIN project “WORLD”)
  • Design of Fog-supported broadband distributed networked computing architectures for the support of IoT applications (PRIN project: “GAUChO”)

5. Educational activity and support to the students at the BroadComLab 
Master and PhD students may carry out their Master and PhD thesis by leveraging the HW/SW equipments of the BroadComLab under the supervision of the corresponding permanent staff.

Educational activity at the BroadComLab