Tuition and Fee Management System Support

The University of Minnesota's Tuition and Fee Management System (TFMS) is the University's centralized source for all fee processing and information. This website supports the TFMS by hosting training materials, help text, and other information meant to assist TFMS users.  

The TFMS was developed by the Office of Budget and Finance and Academic Support Resources to gather and manage tuition and fees charged to students by the University of Minnesota.  

Where to start

If you are a new user, we recommend you start by reviewing the policy and fee guidelines and fee request process. This will give you an understanding of the policies and procedures for the fee process including a general timeline, explanation of roles, and fee terminology. After that, review navigating TFMS and fee entry to learn more about using the system. 

Further Assistance

For access to TFMS, contact your RRC manager. If you have questions on fee policy or deadlines, contact Emily Larson in the Office of Budget and Finance. If you have a question about or need assistance using the TFMS, contact