Value of GVC

Graduate Volunteer Consultants provides value for its clients, consultants, community, and the Carlson School. 
Please visit the How it Works page for more information about GVC's consulting practice.

Value to Clients

Strategic Assistance to Non-profits

  • Resources dedicated to strategic problems, needs and opportunities
  • In-depth research for strategic and tactical decision making
  • Application of strong business foundation to non-profit issues
  • Indirect access to academic thought leaders on various topics
  • Practical and actionable recommendations to non-profit needs

Value to Consultants

Real World Consulting Experience

  • Opportunity to network
  • Experience solving real world issues
  • Project leadership challenges
  • Resume builder and interviewing stories
  • Real-world application of classroom knowledge
  • Leverage resources - professors, research databases and classmates

Value to the Twin Cities Community

Building connections with the Twin Cities community

  • Serving organizations that serve the community
  • Contributing business and academic insights
  • Building partnerships between academia and the community
  • Facilitating investment of various stakeholders in the community

Value to Carlson
Building the Carlson School Brand and Reputation
  • Establishes relationships with various parts of the community
  • Develops nonprofit perspective in its school programs
  • Attracts prospective students with interest in nonprofit sector
  • Exposes students to nonprofit career opportunities
  • Distinguishes the Carlson School student experience
  • Provides positive publicity and increases goodwill toward the school