How it Works 
Phase Zero - Project and Consultant Selection
In the fall (October to December timeframe), GVC's managing partners ask eligible nonprofit organizations to submit strategic project needs for which they would like GVC's assistance. GVC evaluates the strategic project needs submitted by various nonprofits to determine which projects GVC will take on.  
Also in the fall, GVC's managing partners work to select consultants and lead consultants from the Carlson School MBA & MA-HRIR programs who will be responsible for leading and executing the selected projects

The Projects
Project needs submitted by nonprofit clients are expected to be 200-250 hours long and will be completed by the consultants and lead consultants in a 6-8 week period in late winter/early spring (Mid January to Early March). For more examples of previous projects, check out the Services page.

The Teams
Each project will be assigned 2-4 consultants, and one lead consultant. Consultants and lead consultants are fully responsible for working with our non-profit clients on a day-to-day basis to execute projects and deliver on any agreed upon requirements of each project. 

A managing partner will also be assigned to each team to provide support as necessary. 
Phase One - Kickoff and Project Exploration (Week 1) 
Phase one begins in mid-January as consultants meet the members of their team and have their first meeting with the client.
Consultants will explore the needs of their client, and develop a detailed project management plan and scoping document. 
Clients will work with the consulting team to ensure that the team understands expectations for the final report, for communication, and for feedback.  

Phase Two - Data Collection (Weeks 2-5) 
Once both sides fully agree on the project scope and expectations, consultants will begin collecting the data necessary to complete their projects. 
Consultants will conduct interviews, benchmarking, and perform research as necessary while communicating with the clients in the manner agreed upon in phase one. Consultants should make sure that their efforts are aligned with the core of the project. 
Clients will make resources available to the consultant teams as necessary to gather information. This will include prompt responses to requests for information, and giving consultants feedback as necessary. 

Phase Three - Analysis (Weeks 6-7) 
After the data has been collected, consultants will then begin their qualitative/quantitative analysis of the data. 
Consultants will use the skills of their team members and of available resources at Carlson to competently analyze the data while ensuring their client is updated on avenues of research and findings as necessary. 
Clients will continue to make themselves available as a source of information and feedback for the consultants. Clients should expect to give critical feedback to the consultants as information is shared in order to ensure the project remains aligned to the core issue the client is experiencing. 

Phase Four - Report (Week 8) 
The data and analysis will be presented to the client. 
Consultants will create a compelling visual interpretation of the data to present, and submit their final report containing implementable recommendations. Consultants must keep in regular communication with their client during this period to address any last-minute issues. 
Clients will assist their consultants in determining ways of presenting the data and recommendations that will generate the highest level of impact, and provide feedback as appropriate. 
What Next?
If you are a non-profit organization interested in engaging GVC, please refer to the Prospective Clients section of this website.
If you are a Carlson School MBA & MA-HRIR student interested in becoming a consultant, please refer to the Prospective Consultants section of this website.
For all others, please feel free to visit the various pages of our site to learn more about GVC.