Welcome to the Course Study Guide for Forces of Modern Historical Change: Global Perspectives

Thanks for visiting this wiki website. This will serve as our class's group study guide to prepare for upcoming major exams. Some of the items posted on this web page will be unit summaries, definitions of key terms used in the unit, and detailed outlines of the potential essay questions.

A slight disclaimer is in order. Posting of these items does not carry an endorsement by the course professor or a guarantee that repeating the response will earn an "A" on the exam. However, the course instructor finds the contributions by the students to be excellent. This is especially true for the essay outlines. There is no expectation that you would be able to reproduce the detail provided in those sample outlines. But, they provide a model of what an answer could look like. The expectation for the exam essay response is a five-paragraph answer. The grading criteria for the essay questions is provided in the test booklet and is also available on the course Moodle web site.

Click on the unit number below to navigate to a separate web page established for each. The unit number and title is an active web link.