Student Astronomical Society

Welcome to SAS!

SAS provides University of Michigan students, faculty, staff, and the Ann Arbor community with resources and educational material on astrophysics and aims to cultivate interest in astronomy among members of the community.

We are planning to hold in person meetings in accordance with the University's COVID policies for Fall 2023 and Winter 2024. Open houses will also be held in person. Throughout the semester there will be opportunities to participate in outreach, research presentations, and interactions with our community. We look forward to seeing many of you back and welcoming new members to SAS. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!



Any U of M student, faculty, or staff as well as anyone in the Ann Arbor community can become a member of SAS by simply showing up to one of our meetings or contacting There are no formal requirements for becoming a member, just show up to one of your meetings or events! As a member, you are allowed to participate in SAS events, get access to SAS resources and are allowed to vote on officer positions and other club matters unless you fit under the exceptions written in the voting section.

Look for the link to join us at meetings and open houses in the emails from our secretary

Some of our activities:

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