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Image Analysis in Dentistry through Data Science Open Systems and Sharing

Bringing together clinicians, data scientists and engineers to:

  • Validate and test quantitative imaging markers of bone structure

  • Assess treatment effects and quantify bone degradation or repair

  • Share open-source software and train users in dentistry

Our secure Data Management infrastructure maintains web based platforms and databases for data cleansing, extraction, annotation, processing, and tasks management. The Data Storage for Computation and Integration (DSCI) web portal ensures data quality and governance including security, confidentiality and privacy of the new National Institute of Health (NIH) for Data Sharing.

We work to integrate and share imaging quantitative methodology in Dentistry, supporting patient-specific decision making and assessment of the disease progression via Data processing, descriptive and predictive modeling, using machine learning approaches. We are currently developing algorithms that extend the capabilities of the 3DSlicer open-source technologies.

News and Upcoming Events

Our team led by Dr. Juan Prieto at UNC, supervising Mathieu Leclercq placed second in the recent MICCAI Challenge in July 2022 presented at MICCAI Sep 18, 2022.

Congrats Team for the great work!!