Guide to Meeting on Campus

This site is designed to assist you in reviewing relevant information, policies, and procedures for hosting events at the University of Dayton. UD offers a variety of meeting and event spaces on campus with the resources and personnel to assist you in all stages of the process. This reference guide is designed to provide you with a glance behind the scenes in event planning, an overview of the spaces available on campus, as well as contacts to help you along the way. While this is not a comprehensive guide to campus meetings and events, we hope that you will find it beneficial in your planning process. Whether you are hosting a small business meeting, a community banquet, a national conference, or a casual gathering, we are happy to work with you and your individual needs.

For your convenience, the attached guides to meeting on campus at the bottom of the page are available if you would like a printed copy for future event planning purposes.

  • Reservation Timeline

  • Scheduling Priorities Dates

  • Campus Contacts

  • Campus Wide Max Capacities

  • Spaces Available

  • Hours of Operation

  • Contacts

  • Meeting Room Seating Capacities

  • Meeting Room Layouts

  • Building/Catering Policies

  • Adele Center

  • Virginia W. Kettering Hall (VWK)

  • Outdoor Spaces

  • Catering Policies

Kennedy Union Additional Services

  • Catering Services

  • Parking Services

  • Temporary Event Signage

  • UDIT Classroom and Event Services

  • Van Rentals

For your convenience, the file below is a guide to all other campus event spaces on campus.

It is available if you would like a printed copy for future event planning purposes.

  • Additional Organization Expectations

  • Event FAQs and Planning 101

  • Student Organization and Use of Alcohol

  • Student Organization Finances

  • Student Organization Travel Procedures

  • Posting and Signage

  • 5K Guidelines and Route Map