Department of Oilseeds

The Department of Oilseeds is located at northern side of the university main campus. It is functioning under the Directorate of Centre for Plant Breeding and Genetics. This centre is one of the important oilseed research centres in Tamil Nadu and India. This station is situated at an elevation of 426.72 m and between 11oN latitude and 77oE longitude. The average rainfall received at this centre is around 640 mm per year. The distribution of rainfall during southwest and northeast monsoon is 28% and 49 % respectively to the total rainfall.   At present, research work on sunflower, groundnut and  sesame  are being carried out at this centre.  Other research stations concentrated on oilseed research are Vridhachalam, Yethapur, Tindivanam, Srivilliputhur and Aliyarnagar.

Last update: 21.09.2016