about us

Our company

The company was founded in 2010 to provide consultancy and outsourcing services in the area of digital television.

The companies business comprises a number of separate practices covering a wide range of core competencies. These include:

  • Sales and marketing consultancy for semiconductor and consumer electronics companies (TV, STB)
  • Project and program management
  • Technology consulting including implementation of digital television hardware and software projects

Company philosophy

The old saying that business is global and business deals are local is more and more true in the Internet age. The connected world is a small place where personal contact and open communication is driving new types of small, innovative and fast moving companies. Relationships and trust are key to springboarding new ideas and businesses and tivisu is a firm believer in the power of its team to prosper in the age of globally connected business.

The company philosophy is to use its large network to provide consultancy and development services to companies wishing to enter markets to which they may not otherwise have access. This involves timely intervention and expert analysis resulting in a successful deal for a customer.


Customers rely on tivisu for support to enter new markets and the criteria for performance measurement is very simple - a successful new business will generate a satisfied new customer.