TV Software

CIMaX is a host controlled device that supports DVB CI/CI Plus standards and CableCARDTM 2.0.

tivisu - specialized in semiconductors and solutions for consumer electronics - operates as exclusive distributor for CIMaX. We take care for marketing and sales as well as providing FAE support for customer design-in efforts.

For more details about CIMaX refer to the CIMaX info page.

Touch Solutions

Touch Solutions

Based on Advanced Silicon’s CoolTouch® solution Tivisu is able to provide touch modules and services based on projected capacitance technology (PCAP). PCAP touch screens are protected by a cover glass to withstand harsh environments and allow flat designs with no overlay frame. Real multi-touch recognition (up to 30 touches) and advanced touch features as palm and water rejection allow future proof applications. Touch modules start from 20” up to 55”.

TV Software

Tivisu offers TV software services through our partner iWedia. Reduce the risk for your project by leveraging state of the art software components or turnkey solutions, which are robust, reliable and certified. Accelerate your time-to-market by relying on efficient porting, integration and validation tools and processes from experienced professionals.

Home Automation: Oblo


OBLO is a concept of seamless interactivity with and within your home. Basic features of OBLO are simple usage, automation and low power consumption for full comfort, safety and energetic efficiency of home electronic appliances. The user can easily dim or turn on and off up to eight different light groups with ergonomic Remote Controller. It controls Smart Dimmer Switches previously installed instead of standard light switches at your home or office. Smart Outlets are remotely controlled outlets that also measure active power and provide usage statistics to the OBLO Home Server.