CIMaX info

CIMaX is a CI/CI Plus and CableCARDTM controller that enables digital TV or Set-Top-Box manufacturers to integrate up to two conditional access modules (CAMs) while simultaneously improving transport stream routing options and reducing overall bill of materials through a lean interface to the host SOC.

tivisu offers a CIMaX DVB-CI/CI Plus reference board, which supports the design in and exploration of SmarDTV’s CIMaX DVB CI/CI Plus controller chip.

Supporting up to two DVB CI/CI Plus interfaces, CIMaX applications include STB or DTV that are potentially multi- tuner, digital video recording or multi-stream products. It supports parallel, serial and USB transport streams, with up to four separate inputs and two outputs.

For further information please download the

  • CIMaX Product leaflet
  • CIMaX Reference Board leaflet


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