COALA (Context-Aware Location Assessment) is a one-stop-shop for any kind of real-world-data (geolocation, time, weather, moon phases, etc. up to specialized golf sports data). Use COALA to create real-world AR games, meaningful AR applications or smarter apps.

Use the COALA plugin to create in-app maps with streets, buildings, rivers, etc. and get building information, information about restaurants & supermarkets. Create your own static or dynamic POIs, pitch and match location, weather, moon phases and more. Define terrains - on a grid basis. Access real-world weather conditions and visualize them with particle effects. This plugin also provides for GPS mapping and other tools. Create a real-world product with all the tech in place and responsible use of data rates.

This wiki provides information on COALA and the UE4.27 COALA plugin.

(For plugin version that supports UE4.23 to 4.26 use this wiki)

Getting started

For help on how to start using the COALA plugin in UE4, visit Installation and the other sub-pages of Installation and Setup or watch the video tutorials.


Have a look at our Tutorials page for more help.

Creating your own map styles

For help on how to configure different aspects of the map, visit Configurations.

COALA in general

To learn about what COALA is and does, visit General Information.


Find frequently asked questions in our FAQ.