Good to Know

When representing the school at sports events learners are expected to wear the Stonefields Sports Uniform - Stonefields Sports shirt and black shorts. This can be purchased through the school website here.

Please be mindful when sharing photos online that you may also be sharing another child’s image taking part in the same event as your child.

If an event is cancelled due to the weather or unforeseen circumstances we will communicate this to all affected parties as soon as we are made aware via the Stonefields School App. These decisions are generally made by event organisers early so that schools and parents/caregivers have time to adjust their plans.

Team Selection
We encourage all learners to 'give it a go' when it comes to sports. This approach means that interest will outweigh the number of available places in teams. Due to this, we will hold trials and training for team selection. Learners can find the timings for these and sign up for sports via the Sports News. Trials provide a snapshot, we also take into account what we already know about each learner from Physical Education and previous sports events / out of school sports involvement. Our focus is always to create strong teams, recognising talent and encouraging and increasing participation. Where possible we will hold a catch up trial for those who miss the first trial. In some cases we may be able to take additional information in place of the trial ie. a swim or athletics time from a recent club session / race. On occasion, where appropriate we may allow a learner to play up if we believe they have the ability to do safely. 

Volunteering - What does it involve?
On the day of the event
For each team participating we require 1 helper per team. If there is insufficient help for an event we may not be able to participate. 

Event organisers usually try to organise for local clubs or college students to help with umpiring / refereeing. This is not always possible so there may be some instances where we are asked to help with umpiring / refereeing. 

For events with a large number of participants we will book a bus. When there is a smaller number of participants we will need to transport by car. If you are able to help with transporting we require you to complete the form below prior to leaving the school. A request to help with transport will be made in the permission form if needed. 

We love to draw on our communities passions and expertise. If you would like to help coach a team please email Lynn

We are grateful for our parent/caregiver involvement and rely on your help and support.