Meet the Teacher

Raj Vijayakumar BA Psychology, Masters in Theological Studies

Hello and welcome to the 2018-2019 academic year. I am looking forward to the new year. I am the current religion teacher for both Junior high and Senior students at St. Bon's. I teach grade 7 religion, grade 8 religion, grade 9 Christianity, grade 10 world religions, grade 11 Ethics, and grade 12 Christian philosophy.

I am also the director of Chaplaincy at St. Bonaventure's College. I help organize school masses, retreats, and the Christian Service Program.

Below you will find a variety of useful links that may be useful throughout the year. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you find other resources or links that you have found useful. I can be reached at

Useful Links - What is the BIble? - Who is Bernard Lonergan? Why is he so amazing? Why is his work so important for today? - What is the difference between the Jesuits and regular parish priests? - I am recently MBTI certified. Here is a link to what the Myers Briggs Type Inventory is.