Rātū - Tuesday




Ma te mahi ka ora -  From hard work comes success

General Whole School Notices
IMPORTANT NOTICE:When you are using the marked crossings please take care to listen to the road patrol people and wait from them to say "cross now" before you cross the road.

Quiet Room Peer Mediators and children who visit the quiet room... Please leave this room very tidy.

Do you know it takes 100-500 years for a yoghurt pottle to break down and 500-1000 years for plastic to break down. Could you please NOT put these items in the Bokashi Bins.  Respectfully, Toby and Corbin. We care for our environment!

Anyone who would like to lead a sustainable Ka Hikitia activity next term can fill in an application form that you can get from your teacher.
Please give Ka Hikitia leadership application forms to Mrs FF by Thursday of Week 11.

A reminder, especially for people who head to the field at morning tea time:

Bokashi Club.
The bokashi buckets have been put out for you to put your food scraps into.
There is one in the staffroom, one in the quad area, one in the Kowhai/ Totara lunch area and one outside Rooms 20/21 by the tunnel.

Bokashi  kids today - are Charlotte, Sam and Diamond (R1)

Go Green Heroes 
Anatohia, Riley, Van and Claudia, all from Room 2. (Jess and Zoe will check you are all good to go). The "Go Green" buckets and capes are in the corridor between Room 5 and Mrs FF's office. Please collect and return to that area. The ticket boxes are in the alley way and Mrs FF's office.

The junior playground is only for years 0-2 children to play on and around at morning tea and lunch times. 

Reminder- The whole school is a peanut free zone

Assembly songs
To practice upcoming assembly songs with your class, please click here.

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REMINDER - Subway orders today! 
Reminder- ALL lunchtime rubbish needs to go home. This include Subways wrappers as they can be recycled. 

Sports Notices


Calling all year 4-6 students who would like to have a go at doing gymnastics this year.
Add your name to this doc and bring your lunch along to the hall today.

Bike Track - Totara
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Cultural Notices 

Senior Choir is open to all children in years 4,5 and 6
If you like singing, we'd love you to join. Ask your teacher to add your name to the list. 

Netball Teams 2019


Grade 1


Grade 1


Grade 2


Grade 3

Claire Bowers

Hailey Crafar

Ana Eradus

Isla Tilbury

Onyx Nathan

Paige Town

Jemima Soper

Jasmine King-Turner

Summer Baxter

Jaye Wiapo

Isabella Vickery

Hannah Harper

Amelia Broadbridge

Phoenix Miller

Abi Maskill

Cartier Rawiri-Barrett

Sophie Barnes

Amelia Win

Gabby Miller

Gussy Macfarlane

Elizabeth Douthett

Ayla Lawrence

Koko Wong

Trinity Locke

Jeasinah Alipia

Jessica Bell

Derek Shen

Chelsea van Grinsven

Brianna Ballock-Hurrell

Brianna Peter

Aaliyah Ratukalou

Jordyn Cohen

Bailey Robb

Emily Preece

Basketball Teams 2019

Tall Blacks

Grade 1


Grade 1


Grade 2


Grade 3

Roman Luke

Kaue Da Silva

Will Turner

Josh Harris

Oscar Elsmore

Lukas Dowling

Tom Matthews

Patrick Girling

George Adams

Liam Cohen

Ariel Rofe

Kieran Adamson

Alfie Kerslake

Grant Hyland

Vilikesa Nawaqavonovono

Albie Edmonds

Jayden Boal

William Strachan

Angus Glover

Hayden Martella

Joel Pope

Derek Shen

Baxter Elsmore

Jesse Englefield

Harlyn Mullen




Alex Walker-Meechang

Van Stevens

Kian Da Silva

Toby Wakelin

Jean-Paul Du Preez

Riley Boal

Jim Miller

Chase O’Brien

Flynn Weaver

James Wichman

Sonny-Joe Legge

Manoa Luke

Brett Crafar

Tyrone MacDonald

Lauchlan Gibb

Springlands Saints

Springlands Shooting Stars

Springlands Magic

Katie Taggart

Jaye Wiapo

Arwen Attridge

Zoe Meeten

Ava Marcroft (Renwick)

Richa Sacay

Maisie Cornelius

Emily Preece

Brianna Guyton

Bree Flynn (Rapaura)

Kaia Peek (Rapaura)

Harriet Cornelius

Zaraya Wilson

Ayla Wiapo

Claudia Cowan

Zoe Goodsir

Team  Notices
Nikau   Rata:


2.15 pm Kowhai GoMAD meet in the staffroom please. We will see how much progress you have made with your actions on on passion projects.
Nude Food Patrol today is: Levi and Harry
Plastic in Bucket photos today: Jim and Thomas - Use one of the Go Green Heroes purple buckets please. Use an ipad from your room. Send your photo to:

eer Mediation:
Mediation Rovers: Hannah and Bailey
Quiet Room: James & Hudson
Active Rovers: Phoenix & Summer

IT Dream Team Roster: Click Here

Ki o rahi 
Please get the gear out and meet on the field after you have had your lunch for team practice  today. 
Mrs Girling