Rātū - Tuesday


Ma te mahi ka ora -  From hard work comes success

General Whole School Notices 

Reminder: Subway Orders Today

Niuean Language Week
Learn how to say goodbye!
Koe kia / Koe=Goodbye. Goodbye to you. (To 1 person going or staying) 
Mua kia / Mua=Goodbye to you two. (To 2 people going or staying) 
Mutolu kia / Mutolu= Goodbye to you all. (To 3 or more people going or staying) 
Nofo a koe=Goodbye to you. (To 1 person staying) 
Nonofo a mua= Goodbye to you two. (To 2 people staying) Nonofo a mutolu=Good bye to you all. (To 3 or more people staying) 
Fano a koe =Goodbye to you. (To 1 person going) 
O a mua=Goodbye to you two. (To 2 people going)
O a mutolu= Goodbye to you all. (To 3 or more people

Please can you check that you have collected the right scooter after school.

Duty Teachers are looking out for students making good choices when playing on the big field. We are looking for leaders who are ensuring all children are feeling safe and happy in the games you are playing.

Mathemagicians - time for a milo morning tomorrow! 8:30 at the conference room. Any 2017 Mathemagicians are welcome.

Whare Akoranga 
Come along to the library today and find an awesome book to read

Sports Notices

Cheetahs, Panthers, Predators & Tigers have training after school meet on big field.

Tennis practice on the courts at lunchtime for kiwi and division 4 players.  12:45pm after you have been let go from lunch.

MARLBOROUGH PRIMARY SCHOOLS TENNIS TOURNAMENT - Those division 2 or division 3a players who are interested in competing in this on Wednesday 1st November please see Mrs Guyton for 2 minutes at morning tea to register your interest.

Year 1 - 2 Game of Crazy Catch in the hall with Mikayshia, Antonia, and Riley at lunch.
Bike Track - Joe and Tyrus

GoMAD - No meeting today 
Cultural Notices