Below please find our rules and expectations that we hope will ensure the best environment for your child’s educational experience.


• To develop mathematical concepts

• To emphasize student thinking, student activities and student products

• To make real world connections

• To foster discovery and group activities

• To encourage in depth knowledge and understanding of 8th grade mathematics curriculum


• My actions will allow the teacher to teach.

• My actions will allow other students to learn.

• I will follow all school rules and be responsible for my actions.

• I will come to class everyday prepared by bringing my supplies and homework.

• I will work the entire class period at my maximum level.

• Follow Classroom Rules Consequences:

• Verbal Warning

• Student Conference

• Parent Contact

• Teacher Detention

• Referral to the Principal


• Ensure student is present and prepared for school each morning

• Check homework folder daily

• Stay abreast student grades.

• Be aware of communication from the teacher and school. (I.e. notes, newsletters, progress report cards, website, parent connect, google classroom & etc.)


Students will be allowed to demonstrate how well they are making sense of the mathematics in many ways.

Grades will consist of a combination of participation, warm-up, quizzes, journal reflections, projects, and test grades.

MAJOR GRADES 50% All projects and tests will count as 50% of the final grade.

MINOR GRADES 50% Participation, homework, warm-ups, quizzes, and journal reflections will count as 50% of the final grade.

Procedure for make up work: If a student is absent from class, it is the student’s responsibility to submit any and all makeup work. Assignments will be posted on the CMS teacher webpage and the student can also see the teacher to receive clarifying information. The student will have a maximum of 2 school days to turn in the completed assignment.


• Binder with 3 Rings (1inch) OR a 5 Subject Notebook with Pockets

• 5 Dividers

• 1 File Folder

• note cards (2)

• Pencils

• Sticky Notes (2)

• Handheld Sharpener

• Markers and/or Color Pencils

• 2 Packs of Dry Erase Markers

• 1 Kleenex

• 1 Pack of graphing paper

• 1 Pack of Copy Paper

We are looking forward to an awesome school year.


Section 1: Do Nows/Warm-Ups

Section 2: Vocabulary

Section 3: Notes

Section 4: Practice

Section 5: Reflections