About Me


8th Grade Math Teacher


Mrs. Newton is a teacher with 13+ years of experience teaching math. She also had assignments in the following areas & subjects: Math (Grades 6-9: Pre-Algebra & Algebra), Integrated Physics and Science, Girls PE, Biology, Health, Nutrition, Basketball & Volleyball Coach, Sports Skills Development, Math Tutor (all grades including college), Children's Choir Director, Group Fitness Training, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Mentor, and Real Estate.

Mrs. Newton has a beautiful family that consist of a wonderful husband and two boys. Often times her house is full of other people because she enjoys helping others during their time of need. Mrs. Newton enjoys playing sports, spending time with her family, cooking, traveling, fishing and helping others. She is not just a teacher, she is also a mentor, semi-pro sports player (football & basketball), realtor, entrepreneur, and a business owner of Heart of Texas Sports LLC, and RISE Connections, Inc which include the following projects: Teachers Play Teachers www.teachersplayteachers.com , Barcode Athletics www.barcodeathletics.com, RISE Players Association www.riseplayers.com, Women's United Athletic Group (WUAG), and RISE Connections Group www.riseconnections.com.


Her most significant contribution to education is her ability to impart in her students the confidence and motivation needed to create a lifelong acceptance of enriched learning experiences deriving from choices that ultimately result in academic and behavioral success. How does this happen? She tells her students “I AM YOU!” Her life experiences that she often shares with her students allow her to illustrate to them that they too can overcome obstacles, defy the odds, and use the ability to use doubt as a motivational tool to be and accomplish wonderful things. She shares her secret with others which is THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE! “You can choose to do and be whatever you want. Choosing is free!” You can choose to be great, positive, motivated, enthusiastic, energetic, hardworking and anything positive. Yes, she is a math teacher and a coach, but her due diligence to the community goes beyond the scope of just teaching young scholars. It requires her to mentor, challenge, encourage, discipline and do whatever it take bring her students out of their incubator to hatch into a mindset of growth achievement. She absolutely understand that “You have to reach them before you teach them,” but she also believes that “I can show you better than I can tell them.” She must show her students how to appropriately respond to unfavorable circumstances and situations. She must show them how to become a successful product of statistical barriers such as growing up with an absent parent. She had to show them that she was G.A.N.G.S.T.A. (Gorgeous Athletic Nerdy Grand Smart Talented Awesome) by sometimes busting out her 8th grade raps when her students wanted to disrupt her classes with “broke beats! (making noises/beats with pencils on the desk)” Students would ask her. "Why is my beat broke?" Mrs. Newton's response, "It’s not making any money…. nobody wants to move their feet to your broke beat!" This rap shenanigan got the students' attention and it gained their respect which allowed Mrs. Newton to get back to teaching them math.

To sum up her most significant contribution to education, it comes in the form of data revelations and delayed gratification. Knowing that each year she receives students that are defeated by math due to failed grades, failed state test results and an overall bad experience with math motivates Mrs. Newton to create a different and better experience and environment for her students. This action ultimately leads to her students being successful and confident about math. Their success comes in the form of passing and making good grades in her class, passing the state exam for the first time, growth in their math knowledge and personal efforts, a better attitude and perspective about math and many more big and small accomplishments that happen in just one school year. Also knowing that her students go to high school and graduate, attend college and graduate, obtain academic and athletic scholarships & sometimes own their own businesses is one of the best feeling that she has experienced in her life. The reassurance of knowing that her students are contributing to this world by giving their best and never giving up is ultimately the message that she always wants her students to understand when they leave her classroom. Her heart smiles and she is immensely elated when her former students & athletes find her just to share with her their success & triumphant stories followed with a “Thank you Ms. Newton!” and “Oh…by the way, math is easy!


Learning is a process of acquiring knowledge, wisdom, development of skills and altering behavior and attitude. Learning begins at birth, continues at home, carries into schools and communities and ends with our life. This is a continuous process which helps to facilitate growth in individuals. Learning is the process of obtaining created knowledge through the transformation of experience, therefore, knowledge results from the combination of grasping experiences and transforming it.

On my journey, I found that each year brings about students from diverse backgrounds, countries, culture, ages and experiences. I quickly accepted that I am not just a math teacher, but indeed I must be much more to meet the needs of all my learners so that they critically think, reason, and rationalize. For me, critical thinking changed my views towards life. It gave me a distinct perspective and helped me to clarify my goals and ambition in life.

The foundation for my philosophy of teaching is very simple. I believe that if I am bored, the students are bored. I structure my teaching methods and strategies towards grasping not only the interests of my students but of myself as well. This enables my students to take away a positive experience from the learning process. Many times, students enter my classroom with the attitude that math is a difficult and boring subject. I feel it is my duty as an math teacher to remove this negative experience and perspective by creating a positive learning environment. This environment should awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."

-Albert Einstein