Classroom Rules



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The overall goal of the CHAMPs classroom management system is to develop an instructional structure in which students are responsible, motivated, and highly engaged in the specific task at hand.

Classroom Procedures

Sharpening Pencils – only allowed to sharpen pencils with the classroom sharpener before the bell rings. During class, student can sharpen pencils with the hand held sharpeners. Please get permission before using the classroom sharpener during class.

Tardy- You are tardy if the bell rings and you are not in your desk

Entering/Exiting the classroom- Enter the classroom quietly. You need to get your binder and be prepared to learn. Check the board for agenda. Before leaving the classroom your desk area needs to be clean. The bell does not dismiss you, the teacher will dismiss you. Before the teacher dismisses you, every student’s desk area must be clean. If you have an exit ticket, put in the designated pocket and correct color before leaving class.

Asking Questions- You may raise your hand and wait patiently until the teacher calls your name to ask a question.

Restroom Breaks- You may not ask to go to the restroom 10 minutes after the bell rings, 10 minutes before the bell rings, or during a lesson or teacher instructions. Each student will receive 2 restroom passes per six weeks. If student does not use the restroom passes they do not carry over to the next 6 weeks. Restroom passes will be kept in the classroom. Quietly raise your hand during appropriate time and ask to go to restroom. With permission, find your restroom pass, teacher will sign it & student returns the pass back to the correct period location after using the restroom. Make sure you use your restroom passes wisely!

Group Work/Partner Work- EVERYONE is expected to work together and in a cooperative manner. Students may not ask the teacher a question until all members of the group have discussed the problems with each other. If there are still questions after group discussion, then one student in the group may raise their hand and ask the teacher for help.

Independent Work- Students will quietly work on the assignment. If student has questions, then they may quietly ask their neighbors. “Ask 3 before me!” If student still has questions, then they may raise their hands and quietly wait for the teacher to help. Help stations and solution stations will be available for many activities.

Homework: Homework will be turned in at the beginning of the period in a designated tray. If homework is not turned in before the bell rings, it is late. Sometimes we will check homework as a class. This will be written on the board: CHECK HOMEWORK. Student is not required to turn it in because we will exchange papers and check homework together for a grade. Student MUST SHOW WORK to receive full credit. Home work is sometimes referred to as “Home Fun”

Make Up work: If a student misses days of school, they are responsible for getting the notes from another student. Students are also responsible for any work they may have missed. The work for each day will be placed in a folder/tray by days of the week. Students are responsible for picking the work up, completing it, and turning it in to the makeup folder. If you are absent on a Test/quiz day, you are responsible for making the test up during B.U.G./C.A.S.H.

Food/Drink/Gum: Food, drinks, and gum chewing are absolutely not allowed in the classroom.

Walking: You are not allowed to freely walk around the class at any time. Teacher will give specific instructions if an activity requires students to walk around the room. Example: scavenger hunts, help stations, & etc.