Smart Coaching programmes are all online so you can see your programme from anywhere in the world and on any computer once you are logged in. A full description of each type of training programme is below. The level you choose has nothing to do with your ability. It has everything to do with the feedback you would like and how much personal improvement you are aiming to achieve.  Please email though any questions you may have about smart coaching to 

Programme 1.0 Gold

Gold subscription is for the athlete who would like a detailed individual training programme, with feedback on every session via an online training log. This is the most effective way of being coached as it allows us to be pro active in refining training based on your feedback. The Gold level is recommended for all athletes.

We have 2 options within the Gold level.

Website based training programme

We can create you your own website hasting all the information you need, including training programme, training log, descriptions of training, videos, etc.

Trainingpeaks based training programme 

Online training software allowing us to analyse your data.

The Gold subscription Includes:

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Programme 2.0 Silver

Silver subscription is for the athlete who would like a detailed individualised training programme without the need for weekly feedback to the training programme.

The Silver subscription includes:

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Phone Chats and contact

Phone chats and email contact need to be initiated and made by you the athlete, as well as your coach. If you have a question then get in touch straight away by email, phone, WhatsApp, Zoom, Facetime or any medium that's convenient.

How to get started

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Angela Cullen adventure racing

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